Director-pedagogue of inclusion and social theater - school "Inklusion", Kaliningrad, Russia -September 2022
Actress and performer - STD Residency, Ples, Russia - December 2020
Theater artist - BIRCA residency, Bornholm, Denmark - August 2022
Actress - ElectroTheater 'Stanislavsky', Moscow, Russia - October 2019 - September 2022

Webinar "Wages in an inclusive art project: problems and solutions" - 1 June 2023
Course: "Music Literacy and Hearing Development" - March-April 2023
Course in voice, speech and phonetics school: "Voice tech" 4 - March-August 2023
Webinar "Deaf theatre as a social phenomenon" - 23 March 2023
A cycle of webinars with the director Boris Pavlovich - 15, 16 April 2023
Webinar "Supervising and Producing: Experience of St. Petersburg Theatre School "Inklusion" - 18 April 2023
Webinar "Good Money" by psychologist Anoush Manasyan
Round table "Language of Inclusion: Smoothing Differences or Worsening Social Polarisation?", online - 25 May 2023

Course "Playwriting in an Inclusive Project: An Introduction"- Community of inclusive pedagogues "Vse poluchitsa" - December 2022
Course "Playwriting in an Inclusive Project: Strategies and principles of storytelling"- Community of inclusive pedagogues "Vse poluchitsa" - December 2022
Course "Inclusive art practices"
Course "Sociocultural rehabilitation of people in difficult life situations: Larisa Gracheva's theatrical-pedagogical method"- Community of inclusive pedagogues "Vse poluchitsa" - September 2022
Zoom-meeting with Boris Pavlovich "Inclusive art practices: what is it and why is it important?" - May 2022
International conference "Mystic-esoteric movements in theory and practice: esotericism in philosophy, literature and art" - February 2022
Course "Borrowing in scientific publications. Citation culture" - January 2022

Zoom-meeting "Pioneering experiences in creating inclusive theatre practice (Jenny Silley, Head of Graeae Theatre Company and co-creator of the opening of the London XIV Paralympic Games)" - January 2021
Course of Ulrich Strauch "Virtual and augmented reality in theatre and performance" (MIR-6 and Goethe Institute) - January 2021
Conference "The Future of Acting: Introduction to the schools of Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, Sanford Meissner, View Points and the Sisters Hop (Denmark)" - January 2021
Courses by Anna Shishkina (Theatre "Travelling Puppets of Mr Peugeot") "The Culture of Family Feast" and "Holiday culture for children with special needs" - January 2021
Webinars about health and physiology "Breathing and immunity" and "Achieve easily. Strategy for realizing your goal" - February 2021
Open-talk with Philip Woolach talking about theatre in the city - April 2021
Stage speech workshop with Anna Petrova, live broadcast by STD RF - May 2021
Course "Participatory projects with adolescents" by "LearnTogether. Finland" - October 2021