Stanislavsky Electric Theater's small stage as part of the project "Experiments in Non-Adaptive Theater.

Author: Alexander Stroganov
Director: Gulnara Iskakova
Artist: Maria Dementieva
Actors: Daria Gusakova, Anastasia Sokolova, Konstantin Chelkaev

In Alexander Stroganov's play, I was interested in the subtle psychological patterns, the almost imperceptible changes, the marvelous details of human experiences. I was curious how theater could explore these patterns and make them visible to the audience.
"My View.
A promenade performance for Artemoffest.

The play was important to me for two reasons-it was my first experience of promenade theater, based on the personal stories of the actors. It was important for the festival to emphasize the uniqueness of the city where it takes place - it is the "capital of the Russian province" Uryupinsk.

I worked with the youth of the city for a week - in the first half of the day I gave master classes, and in the second half of the day we went for walks around the city, the guys showed significant places for them and told their stories,
associated with them.